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At SBSC, our philosophy is founded on a strong safety culture, based in real safety practices.  And we know you share that passion!

To share your safety story with us, fill out the form to the right.  Not sure how to get started?  Here are some ideas that inspire us.




Safety Superstars will be chosen by a panel of SBSC Safety Experts and awarded during the month of May*. Winning submissions will be chosen based on innovation, inspiration and positive impact of the submitting organization's safety program and culture.


Your team is passionate about the safety of its passengers.
This is your chance to share your story!

SBSC wants to honor and recognize those making a difference within their organization and setting the new safety standard!  We want to hear the stories about your safety superstar trainers and drivers, behavior-based safety in action, safety anecdotes, and everything else you do to go above and beyond - and keep kids safe!

 What new safety training techniques have you implemented, and to what positive results?

 How have you encouraged behavioral change in your employees, resulting in improved safety?

 What inspires you and your team with respect to safety?

 What makes your organization's safety practice and process unique?

 What's the longest your organization has gone without a preventable accident?

*Story submissions will be accepted from April 3 through April 30, 2018. Stories cannot exceed 300 words. Prizes for the best stories include, but not be limited to: Yeti 20oz Tumblers, T-shirts, SBSC merchandise, catered lunch for your team, or other as determined by SBSC.

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